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Festival de Cannes

  • The French Riviera

  • Walk on the Red Carpet

  • Opening & Closing

  • Movie Premieres

  • Private Yacht Cruise

  • Full Escorted Tour


Cannes Film Festival

Celebrate the 77th anniversary of the most iconic International Film Festival from May 14th to May 25th, 2024 and spend a unique moment on the French Riviera walking on the Red Carpet. Attend to movie premiere and stay at the closest of your favorite movie star.

In May of each year, International Stars gather on the French Riviera for the most iconic International Film Festival. Walk on the Red Carpet for the opening ceremony, enjoy the French way of life, cruise on the Mediterranean sea and visit typical places and markets.

Watch all movie premieres and attend to the final prizes ceremony with jury president as a VIP.

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  • Luxury hotel or Villa in Cannes