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Le Golf National

  • 2018 Ryder Cup

  • French Open Host

  • 2024 Olympics

Chesneau & Von Hagge Design


Acknowledged as one of the finest championship courses in Europe, both by the professional and the amateur golfer who have measured their talents against the course. The Albatros has also been nominated as a ‘Ryder Cup’ venue. It is not kept for “Top World players” but the Albatros is a demanding course.

From the back tees the total length of over 7000 yards is not the main difficulty: It is the diversity of shots. The diversity of both “links course”, “target golf”, and “water hazards” and “bunkers” will create the demand for a full set of clubs.


The waving fescue grasses of the rough, on a windy day, invite the player ‘for a visit’. The large and carefully placed greens offer both the long as well as the exacting put over the exciting terrain.


The Albatros is a good course. Nothing is hidden from the player but the player must ‘play’ the course to achieve. Be aggressive on the first 6 holes; take the birdie chance on the 12th, and protect your score on the final holes when excitement can challenge the player – particularly in match play.


18 Holes “Albatros” Par 72 – 6300m & 18 Holes “Aigle” Par 71 – 5961m

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